Travel expo a huge success

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Thousands of residents from across the DC metro region recently made their way to the Washington D.C. Travel & Adventure Show at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, as the show celebrated its 14th year. The number of residents almost equaled the number of travel options.

Over 300 tourism boards, travel agencies, and vendors showcasing locations from around the world were on hand to help personalize travelers’ next possible getaway. They also heard about exclusive travel deals only available during the show.

These eager travel seekers also had the opportunity to attended presentations by travel elites like Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown, CBS News Travel editor Peter Greenberg, travel journalist Rudy Maxa, and author Patricia Schultz. And they had the option to attend other educational and culturally focused sessions.

Daytrips and weekend getaways to places like Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, and North Carolina were offered; along with exotic travel destinations like Botswana, Guyana, South Africa, India, and the Himalayas.

Travel and tourism is easily one of the world’s largest activities. Over $7.6 trillion was pumped into the global economy, in 2016. $2.3 trillion was attributed to the United States, according to U.S. Travel Exports. The United States continues to be a top attraction for internationals, and the District of Columbia is a major location for both US citizens and foreigners.

“The District offers countless free and low-cost actives,” said Travis Austin, a long-time D.C. resident, “making it a go to destination for so many people.”


The Travel & Adventure brand claims to represent the largest series of travel gatherings in the United States, with shows in five other cities.

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