Some are worried about whats to come

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President Donald Trump has started the beginnings of a nightmare for some Trump voters.

Many conservative have dreaded this moment ever since Trump received the 2016 Republican nomination. Earlier this week, Trump reached an agreement with Democratic congressional leaders, Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi. The three agreed to increase the debt limit and finance the government for another three months. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was also a part of that meeting.

The administration was looking to avoid a partial government shutdown, and in doing that has gotten under the skin of some Republican supporters. Since Trump has taken office he has fought Democrats and some Republicans; his recent agreement bothered some conservatives who cast their vote for the former New York businessman. A few tried to look at it as a bipartisan agreement but it fell on deaf ears by many outside the Beltway. They dislike the President agreed to use Democratic votes to win congressional approval on a temporary fix, because come mid-December the issue will have to be resolved again.

“I’m mad because it looks like the president is just kicking the issue down the road,” said Virginia Trump supporter Paul Brownson, “and who knows what’s going to happen by then.”

The longer Trump remains president, the more division the Democratic Party shows. Republican leaders have been more vocal over many issues and positions the sitting president have taken. And it seems the closer we all inch to mid term elections, the less it seems that Republicans are afraid of the Trump backlash that they may face via Twitter if they disagree publicly with the president.

Surprisingly there are some DC residents who voted for Trump. One such resident I spoke with over drinks just yesterday said, “Practically everything that President Trump promised he has folded on. Mexico isn’t paying for the wall; that money is coming out of my pocket, and yours too. That crook Hillary Clinton hasn’t gone to jail like he promised. And Obamacare is still stumbling along, as screwed up as it is. And this swamp ain’t  getting drained; if anything, it’s getting bigger. And this thing…this agreement with Democrats on the debt ceiling and finance. Hell, what’s next?…he’s probably going to announce he’s switching political parties. It’s all a big joke.”

He mentioned he voted for Trump because he couldn’t stomach voting for Hillary. His horse in the race, Jeb Bush, dropped out. He wasn’t the only one. Several Republicans decided to forgo their reservations of Trump, in favor of Party alignment. Party unity.

Republicans control the White House, the Senate, the House, a majority of the governorships, and immense amount of State Houses. And with all this power the Republican Party has yet to garner a majority of national support, and keep it. My conservative friends say Democrats are getting exactly what they want, while Republicans are getting tomorrow; except tomorrow never comes.

It was thought Republicans would offer a short-term continuing resolution in December. This would allow the so the administration and GOP to deliver on several key issues. But in the existing agreed bill, conservatives will have to wait. And sometimes waiting can be a dangerous thing, because as the variables change so we could the issues.

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