Cuba through photos

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Old American-made cars from the 1950s are all throughout Cuba. On the island nation many of these cars are taxis, but remember to bring a healthy wallet because it can be quite expensive. Be sure to negotiate a price before hoping in. Photo: Reginald Johnson
You’ll also see many Soviet-era cars from the 1960s. When the US stopped the export of cars to Cuba, the former Soviet Union stepped in. Photo: Reginald Johnson
Images of the former Cuban leader Fidel Castro can be seen everywhere. His brother, Raul Castro, now rules the country. Photo: Reginald Johnson
Havana Club was introduced in 1934. The rum is the best-selling rum brand in the world that was originally introduced by family-owned Jose Arechabala S.A., and was nationalized after the Cuban Revolution of 1959. There’s a 50:50 joint venture between Pernod Ricard and the Cuban government. While Havana Club is well known, most of the locals I’ve spoken to say they like Ron de Santiago de Cuba Anejo. Photo: Reginald Johnson
Cerveza Cristal is Cuba’s number one beer. It’s an American Adjunct Lager style beer made by Cervecceria Bucanero S.A. in Holguin, Cuba. In 2016, the company realized they had a shortage of beer when more Americans began to visit. A new plant needed to be built. Photo: Reginald Johnson.
In the beginning of the 20th century, Cuba was a wealthy country. Havana went through an architectural mega boom of building and production of art nouveau, art deco, and eclectic design. Havana is an archive of every interesting style of Western architecture. Photo: Reginald Johnson
The José Martí Memorial (Spanish: Monumento a José Martí) is a memorial to Cuban national hero José Martí. it’s located on the northern side of the Plaza de la Revolución in the Vedado area of Havana. The design for the 358 ft tower was selected from various entries put forward from a series of competitions beginning in 1939. Photo: Reginald Johnson.
Old Havana is a must see while in Cuba. Photo: Reginald Johnson.
Food in Cuba is amazing! Photo: Reginald Johnson.
In Cuba, guns are outlawed, but there’s a museum that highlights the fact. Photo: Reginald Johnson. If you’re looking to travel to Cuba to visit, check HERE.

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