Biparticianship rules the day

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While some Americans are either defending Trump or admonishing him, there are some who are looking beyond the political party divide and rhetoric to develop sensible and honest talk to build a better world. Those at Bridge Alliance would be a prime example.

Since the long Thanksgiving weekend 5 new member organizations have joined with Bridge Alliance. The Alliance believe, the rapid growth in our membership provides proof that organizations and individuals in our nation are committed to collaborative civic problem solving and public policy innovation, according to a recent press release.

New members All In Together is a non-partisan campaign which seeks to empower and inspire American women to become fully engage in the American political landscape. Political affiliation doesn’t matter, but what does count is a person’s drive at meaningful change on important political issues the social and political issues they care about most.

TheChisel brings an interesting perspective to Bridge Alliance. The organization allows its members to engage with public policy-making experts from nonpartisan organizations and bipartisan coalitions by commenting on proposals created by the experts. The Chisel says many of the experts have researched the feedback received by ordinary Americans and revised their proposals for a nationwide audience. These proposals are then lobbied to Congress.

One interesting perspective of the Independent Voter Project is it seeks to fundamentally reverse a political trend that allows a electoral system which keeps politicians in office even in very low turnout, or one party-controlled primaries. It believes all voters [even those who aren’t in a political party] should have equal access to the ballot box and an equal opportunity to vote for whomever they please.

Another group, the Since 1938, National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) is another new member of the Alliance. The organization, which has roots beginning in 1938, has served as a staple for elected women through numerous branches of government and political affiliation. It’s encourages members to take leadership roles and go beyond political affiliations to foster more positive reform for everyone.

The final member is Stronger U.S., an organization that tries to make middle class America and the American Dream something all people can achieve, It also believes everyone does their fair share, and plays their part in this shared America.

These organizations look beyond things that tend to hold down advancement and growth. They don’t agree on everything, but many members of Bridge Alliance believe they don’t have to; instead, they are pushing to find commonalities and use those measures to trump disagreements on age, racial make up, political parties, religious differences and other personal preferences.

Democrats, republicans, independents, libertarians and nonvoters, have all found a home under the Bridge Alliance umbrella. Perhaps that should be the objective of every alt-right or Black Lives Matter member.

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