Federal Employee Extinction

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Most Washingtonians are worried about what President-elect Donald Trump has planned during his first 100 days of being sworn in as America’s 45th president.

This is because Trump plans to place a hiring freeze on all civilian federal jobs that aren’t in public safety. This measure is part of his “draining the swamp” philosophy and changing the dynamic of business inside the Beltway. While Trump may seem to backtrack on many of his campaign promises, many are certain he’s going to stick to this plan.

Part of Trump’s campaign success came from riding the wave of discontent with Washington, DC. He charged nothing gets done in Washington because the ones who are in the Washington doesn’t want anything to get done. The hiring freeze is high on his list in his “Contract With The American Voter.”

DC resident and federal employee Travis Gibbons doesn’t agree with the measure. “Essentially what this man is going to do is keep people getting good federal jobs, and that ain’t right.”

What Gibbons may be unaware of is, a hiring freeze isn’t unique only to the incoming administration; Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and ever lovable and huggable Bill Clinton all used various actions to reduce the federal workforce. But it’s advised that Trump use caution and keep in mind going this route may cause more people to see things the way Gibbons does.

Another federal employee who works in DC and lives in Virginia thinks a freeze isn’t truly effective. “I voted for Trump because I think he can fix Washington,” she said, “but a freeze isn’t the right way. What he should do is get rid of useless programs and departments that only clog up the democratic process.”

The employee is also in favor of ending automatic raises, being able to easily fire poor performers, creating a ban on union business on the government’s dime, and less generous pensions; essentially, the blueprint for a full Republican Congress coming in January.

But according to a 1982 report instituting a hiring freezes generally cost the government more money, and the government nets less on the backend financially. If there’s a hiring freeze amongst the estimated 2 million federal employees nationwide, you’d have more people leaving the federal government.

Not hiring federal employees means contractors in the federal government increase.

“Truthfully, a hiring freeze will only create more dysfunction in an already dysfunctional environment,” said Michael Wertz, a Maryland resident and former government employee.

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