Taking Over America, Ready or Not

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President-elect Donald Trump will soon take over the Oval Office from Barack Obama. The transition is usually seamless, but it appears Trump and his top aides have done little transition planning. In fact, a source close to the campaign confirmed Trump chose to not plan much; and upon meeting Obama at the White House, Trump and his crew were overwhelmed with the actual work involved in staffing the White House and running the nation. The next 70 days or so will be like a high school cram session, but with larger implications.

Alas, President Obama has promised to spend more time than usual with the in-coming president and aides. Yes, that’s right – the same person whom Trump and the GOP said was a Kenyan-born founder of ISIS, an unAmerican who was destroying the country, and a full fledge Muslim, plans on doing more to help Trump make good on “Making America Great Again.”

Not everybody in Trump’s inner circle is unaware of the large task at hand, Reince Priebus, his newly selected White House Chief of Staff is a true Washington insider, having previously served as Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman. He also made Stephen Bannon his chief strategist and senior counsel.

These two top advisers represents the two factions of the New GOP: the GOP Establishment and the alternative right (alt-right). And with the two different angles of the party being represented in the new White House, also comes different presidential directions from Trump. He seems to have softened on his hard-line approach towards immigration, this was one his largest and most consistent issues.

The wall he’s been promising for over a year, might end up being mostly a fence, and the two to three million people are probably going to be deported instead of the 11 million plus, he promised. Trump supporters who follow immigration issues find the new number to be acceptable, citing the two million plus President Obama has deported during his time in office.

Hollis Jackson, a Trump supporter in Northern Virginia, said in an email, “Obama has tried to send back anybody, whereas, Trump has a heart and is looking to only deport illegal immigrants who are actually dangerous and have a criminal records. We can’t have people like that hiding in our country waiting to do us harm. President [Elect] Trump has promised us a deportation force and I can’t wait to see it.”

Jackson might be waiting a long long time because US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) said firmly there will be no deportation force. However, if Jackson wants to see a rollback of abortion rights issues in America, he just may get his wish.

Trump has promised to appoint a Supreme Court justice who opposes abortion rights and who would overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that recognized them. This would send abortion rights’ decisions back to the states and away from the federal government.

Americans might not see much change with same-sex marriage, as Trump finds the issue settled last year though the US Supreme Court supporting the measure; but may see only gradual changes in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) because supports many popular aspects of the law.

The political centering of the President-Elect may be happening, but his addiction to Twitter continues on. He used the social media platform to inform is followers The New York Times’s coverage of him is “BAD” and “very poor and highly inaccurate.”

Who knows if he’s right. What one doesn’t have to question is the growing trend of anti-intellectual elitism across the new American landscape. This was this which led to a shocking Donald Trump win. Trump is finding his political center, and while that doesn’t bother people like Hollis Jackson, it does bother a Virginian who voted for Trump. He didn’t want his name used, but did want to say this:

There’s nothing unAmerican about wanting an America where your kids could grow up and do more with their life than their parents. Allowing illegal immigrants across our borders, and in our schools, and businesses is simply not American. Trump promised he’d build that wall and keep undesirables out, but he hasn’t even taken office yet, and he’s already backtracking. America was greatest when Americans were in charge, not people like Barack Hussein Obama.

One would speculate that even the email passage above delivers proof of anti-intellectualism running amok. With Trump softening, could that be what rights the boat of sensibilities. Perhaps as President, Trump can set the record straight on what things are true fact, and what isn’t, since it appears his supporters listen to no one but him. But as long as there’s Twitter, one might assume the righting of that boat might be a long time coming.

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